Community Education is a member of Volunteers in Action of Bowling Green-Warren County, a group that is made up of a core group of diverse agencies and organizations that rely on the dedication and commitment of community volunteers.

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Over the past 30 years, VIA has been proud to celebrate the hard work and dedication of ordinary people making an extraordinary impact in our community.


Outstanding volunteers were recognized on April 21 at the 33rd annual Volunteers of the Year Awards. The event at the Bob Kirby Branch of the Warren County Public Library was sponsored by WNKY News 40, American Legion Post 23, BGMU, and Drakes Creek Middle School Youth Services Center.

The 2024 recipient is Matthew Brown, nominated by Saturday Meals.

Matthew has been the driving force behind Bowling Green’s Saturday Meals program since late 2013, providing nutritious meals to low-income individuals. As chef and operations manager, he orchestrates food procurement, menu planning, and compliance with regulatory agencies, volunteering his time and expertise before dawn each Saturday. Under Matthew’s leadership, the program has grown to serve over 11,700 meals annually, reflecting his culinary prowess and dedication. His ability to foster teamwork among volunteers and his decade-long commitment to serving the community make him a deserving honoree.

This award recognizes individuals who excel in quality, length, and spirit of service to others. Other volunteers recognized included Dr. Don Butler (Community Education and Toys for Tots), Robin Davis (Debi Wade Jordan), Dorothy Hines (Community Action AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP), Alice Kummer (Kentucky Kids on the Block), Eric Mullinix (New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding), Michael Stoyonovich (Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 32), and Dick Webber (Historic RailPark & Train Museum).

The 2024 recipient is BGMU, nominated by Community Education.

BGMU has been nominated for its longstanding partnership with various community programs and events. Through sponsorships and volunteer efforts, BGMU has supported initiatives like Stand for Children Day, Blockbusters at the Ballpark, and Volunteers in Action. Their commitment to community involvement extends beyond their utility services, as they actively participate in events and programs benefiting organizations such as Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center, Birdies for Brittney, Feeding America, Junior Achievement, Stuff the Bus Foundation, United Way of Southern Kentucky, and our local public and private schools. BGMU’s dedication to making Bowling Green a vibrant and supportive community is evident through their volunteerism and sponsorship, making them deserving recipients of the Team Spirit Award.

This award recognizes those groups who work together to provide volunteer service in the community.

The 2024 recipient is Wannie Elliot, nominated by Community Action Americorps Seniors RSVP.

Lisa Logsdon and Marlene Sallee, friends of Mr. Wannie, accepted the award on his behalf since he was unable to attend due to illness.

Mr. Wannie is being recognized for his exceptional volunteerism, despite being relatively new to the RSVP program. His unwavering dedication and service, totaling 3,0038.5 hours in just two years, has had a significant impact. His commitment to serving approximately 650 needy families per month, providing over 840,000 pounds of food in just two years, reflects his remarkable contribution to his community. His compassionate heart dipped in gold and dedication to helping others have earned him recognition as a Rising Star.

This award recognizes an individual or team who is new to volunteering and gaining momentum with an organization. Other volunteers recognized were Nancy Bussiere (Historic RailPark & Train Museum), Ben Jarboe (New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding), and Susan Oliver Lewis (Kentucky Kids on the Block).

The 2024 inaugural recipient is Kimber Doyle, nominated by Toys for Tots.

Kimber’s dedication to serving others, starting from a young age with Toys for Tots, exemplifies her exceptional leadership qualities. Her role as a Toys for Tots Youth Ambassador and subsequent recognition as Youth Ambassador Mentor of the Year showcase her commitment to promoting community service among youth. Kimber’s selflessness extends beyond Toys for Tots, as she actively engages in initiatives to support nursing home residents and the unhoused population. Her passion for service and remarkable achievements make her a deserving candidate for this prestigious award, and it is with excitement to see the impact she will continue to make in the future.

This award recognizes an individual or team who is 18 years old or younger providing volunteer service in the community. Other volunteers recognized were Hollyn Dale (Kentucky Kids of the Block) and Manny VanDyne (New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding).

The 2024 recipient is WNKY News 40.

This award recognizes an organization or business that merits special recognition for volunteer service in the community and is selected by the Executive Committee of VIA.

WNKY News 40 is to be praised for its dedication to local news and significant contributions to various organizations and events in the SOKY area. They support causes ranging from animal rescue to health awareness, cultural enrichment, community development, and family support. Their involvement spans diverse initiatives like food insecurity relief, education, and homelessness. Their impact on the community, including partnerships like Food Truck Fridays, reflects their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others, earning them recognition and gratitude.