Instructors Wanted.

Do you have a special talent or skill that you would love to teach others? Can you provide valuable information that otherwise is difficult to find? From woodworking to knitting to Zumba®, we are always looking for new ideas for classes and passionate instructors to teach them. If you have topics for classes that you would like to see in our catalog or have skills that you would like to share, please contact the Enrichment Coordinator, Bailey Jordan Warner, at 270-842-4281 or email [email protected].

Current High-Need Areas

  • Basic + Advanced Technology and Computer Classes (from using Google Email to Advanced Business Software)
  • Dance, Fitness + Zumba Instructors
  • Basic Car Maintenance/Mechanics
  • Art + Design
  • Home care/Maintenance + Gardening
  • Baking/Cooking + Cake Decorating

Please carefully review the forms below for more detailed information.