The subject of this week’s 50th Anniversary profile doesn’t fit neatly into the alumni category or the Staff category. Bill Oldham, Community Education’s seventh and current Executive Director could be considered both. “I feel I have been involved with Community Education one way or another for most of my adult life.”

Bill’s daughters, Abbey and Alex, went to the After-School program at McNeill Elementary starting in the late 1990s. Sparked by that connection, Oldham went on to serve on the Advisory Council and eventually the Board of Directors while continuing to work in hospital marketing. His “third career” plan was to work in non-profit management. (Oldham worked in broadcast television production upon graduating from WKU). “Deep in my heart, I have wanted to work at Community Ed for a long time. I’m very fortunate that things worked out the way I hoped they would.” Founding Executive Director Dr. Don Butler chaired the search committee that hired him.

Three months after Oldham began in his current position, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all programs operated by Community Education. “It completely blindsided me. I had several very dark months.” Oldham had two major challenges. “I wanted us back up and running so we could serve the families that count on us, and I wanted to care for the staff. It was a very difficult time for them.”

Bill’s outside interests include his family, making craft lamps upcycling interesting bourbon bottles, and volunteering. Bill serves on the executive committee of the Bowling Green-Warren County Chapter of the NAACP and is the Board chair for Saturday Meals. A native of Indiana, Bill is very proud to be a Kentucky Colonel, having been nominated by his daughter Abbey.