2020 Teen Angel Donation BLAST results


On Friday, Dec. 4 Teen Angel held it’s 10th annual Donation Blast at the Starbucks on Scottsville Road, Campbell Lane, and Corvette Drive sponsored by Crocker Law Firm.

We had a LARGEST Blast EVER, raising $12,904.74.

Crocker Law Firm matched that amount, penny for penny bringing the one-day total to $25,809.48.

Joshua Smith, Coordinator for Teen Angel, says “To say, “Thank You” seems so insufficient. Words truly cannot express the appreciation and thanks we feel to everyone who donated on Friday. With Covid-19 and how things are in our world, we cannot get over the fact that this was our largest day of giving yet in our 10-year history of the Blast. There will be a lot of teens who will be helped and who will have a brighter Christmas because of you. Thank you, everyone!”