Community Education’s annual U.S. Bank Young Artists’ Competition, this year’s theme was “Express Yourself,” encouraging students to let their art illustrate who they are, what they think about, dream about, or imagine. Four winning entries were selected by judges. Each winners received a $50 VISA gift card from U.S. Bank. All those who placed were received recognition in press releases. The winning entries are on display in the lobby of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce through April 22.

2019 Winners

Jaxson Hood, Kindergarten at Richardsville Elementary School

“A train going to the train station. The train is moving a coal and passengers. The coal is going to the mountains.”

Catherine Ivey, 3rd grade at Rockfield Elementary School

” My drawing is about world peace. Also, it’s about animals filling the world.”

Karee Mae, 7th grade at Drakes Creek Middle School

“There’s always a brighter side to things. The puddle representing the brighter side.”

Kayshlyn Cook, 12th grade at Warren Central High School

“It’s representing me of my talent of art. Show all the patterns and nature of what I love and who I am.”

Images of 2019’s winners

  • Kayshlyn Cook

  • Karee Mae

  • Catherine Ivey

  • Jaxson Hood

2019 Honorable Mentions

Ejdin Gorak, 2nd grade

Plano Elementary School

Rebekah Redwine, 4th grade

Rockfield Elementary School

Nadia Jones, 6th grade

William Natcher Elementary School

Images of 2019’s honorable mentions

  • Nadia Jones

  • Rebekah Redwine

  • Ejdin Gorak